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07.10.14 | GroupLife, Sunday Morning Classes

Meet Open Table

    As the name, Open Table, suggests, all are welcome regardless of age, marital status, or church experience. We value diversity of life experiences and differing perspectives because we feel there is something to learn from each other. Our desire is to explore our questions and doubts openly through study of the Bible, scholarship, prayer, and discussion in a comfortable setting, believing this will strengthen and deepen our faith.

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    Open Table
    Couples & Singles, ages 40s+
    9:30 AM
    Room 213

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    What makes your class special to you?
    Where to begin? I guess the best way to put it is that the class is made up of people wanting to dive more deeply into their spirituality in an open atmosphere. New thoughts are encouraged and explored through stimulating, knowledgeable speakers. Everyone in the class is genuinely interested in how to become a more mindful, devoted follower of Christ, and that enthusiasm and commitment are contagious.  I walk out of each class examining at least one aspect of my spiritual life in a different way than I had before.

    How have you grown in your faith/relationship with God through your class?  
    The class reminds me of the variety of people God uses to communicate his love and message, and the different ways each of us experience God’s grace. In a world that can feel pretty chaotic, the teaching and sharing in the class reveals a pattern of God’s committed presence in my life and in the lives of others which is incredibly comforting and uplifting. And being around people who are so actively seeking to become more deeply devoted followers of Christ has accelerated my journey toward a closer and deeper relationship with God.

    Describe a rewarding class outreach project.
     We’re a new class, so we’re just getting to know each other and what everyone is interested in doing. We’re planning on soliciting ideas from the class over the next two or three months and then will vote as a group on projects. In the meantime, we’re slated to serve breakfast as a class to the homeless at St. Paul United Methodist Church. 

    Describe a typical class session.
    We have speakers on such diverse topics as discerning God’s will for your life, the theology of food, and God and quantum physics. Rev. Walt Marcum, Rev. Jeff Hall, Candace Winslow, Rachel Roberts, Erin Williams and others are examples of the types of dynamic speakers we bring in. The topics naturally provoke discussion which continues until we’re forced to adjourn. 

    In 10 adjectives or less describe your class.
    Stimulating, bracing, optimistic, thought-provoking, friendly, supportive, open

    What does your class do as a group for fun?
    Since we’re new, the fun is just beginning. So far, we’ve met after church for lunch and are soliciting input from our growing class on what other activities they’d like to do. Given the diversity of people and number of laughs we’ve already gotten in class, I’ve no doubt we’re going to come up with some entertaining activities.

    Why did you join the class and why are you still active in the class? 
    I wanted the intellectual stimulation the class promised, and as a new member I figured starting in a new class would be easier than trying to break into an established one. The unexpected bonus has been getting to know people who are actively committed to growing in their relationship with God. No one is just mailing it in. Being in that atmosphere encourages me and has become something I look forward to all week. Also, we gain new members every week, and I love meeting them and hearing the interesting viewpoints they add.

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