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03.23.15 | GroupLife, Sunday Morning Classes

Meet Living Vine

    This diverse class seeks to grow in their relationship with God and each other by becoming a faith-based community of caring, engaged believers.

    What makes class special?

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    Living Vine
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    I enjoy the wide age and life stage demographic of our community. Over the last year, we have grown as a class, formed new – and strengthened existing – relationships. Each Sunday, we have been fortunate to have a diverse set of quality speakers share their thoughts on Methodism, Scripture, Judaism, Islam, outreach and more. When combined, all of these things lead to a thought provoking and engaging class, entered around building up our faith.

    This class is special because it has been fun and very fulfilling to see our class, which was started 15 months ago grow and become close. A group of people that didn't even know each other a year and a half ago, are now intimately involved in each other’s lives.

    How have you grown in your relationship with God through your class?
    This class is an incredible group of people from diverse backgrounds. We've only been together a short time but the friendships we've made and the time we spend together are really special. We push each other, we learn from each other and we support each other in our individual walks with Christ. I think we have all grown in our faith throughout the last year.

    Describe a rewarding class outreach project.
    My favorite class outreach was the mission trip with Labors 4 Neighbors to Oklahoma. Our class was only three months old at the time and it was a great opportunity for us to get to know each other as well as work together for a common good.

    Describe a typical class session.
    A typical Living Vine class begins with mingling and breakfast snacks before we all grab a seat. We then typically have a few announcements and introduce the speaker. The speaker speaks for about 30-45 minutes with some time for questions at the end. We conclude class with Joys and Concerns and a benediction.

    What adjectives describe your class.
    Engaging, Christian, Community, service minded, open, welcoming, energetic, thoughtful, active, questioning, lighthearted, servants, leaders, givers

    What does your class do as a group for fun?
    Many of us will go out for meals after church or after service opportunities, both in small groups of three or four to much larger groups. We have also engaged in Whiryball competitions and weekends at the bowling alley.

    Why did you join the class and why are you still active in the class?
    I joined Living Vine after recently relocating to Dallas, and I was looking for a way to connect with a smaller group within the church community. I quickly developed friendships with a diverse group of individuals who had a like-minded passion for Christ. What became immediately important to me was the level of accountability that classmates have for each other, wanting each other to come back each week, helping each other grow in Christ.

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