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Life Is Richer In Community

03.12.14 | GroupLife, Small Groups

Life Is Richer In Community

    I would venture to say we were all a little nervous on the first day of small group launch. Most of the wives were nervously chatting each other up like they had all done with others at sorority rush. The husbands were small talking about the usual: sports, work and the weather. It all changed, however, when Elizabeth Moseley started breaking us into group by what time worked out best for us. Our group just formed, it's strange because we oddly all at once just circled up and started chatting logistics. Where to meet. When. Etc. These people wasted no time, I liked them already! 

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    The first couple of weeks we met at various restaurants to just get to know one another, which I highly recommend, I mean who wants to get deep with someone who you don’t know from Adam. We sure didn’t. When week three rolled around we decided to start the text and were comfortable enough to really chat honestly about our concerns. We learned quickly that although we all seemed relatively similar on a surface level, that we all came from totally different family dynamics, backgrounds and were struggling with different things. This was a blessing because it allowed us to be a source of support and complement each other in a way that is necessary for any team.

    What I like most about my small group is that we are honest and laid back. If we somehow end up talking about the Cowboys or what happened on reality television last night, that's okay! That's real life. We chat honestly about where we are struggling, why we are struggling and what we can do to help one another.  We laugh a lot and are a pretty laid back group all the while trying, as best we can, to keep each other accountable. We have really held true to the importance of being there week after week. Many, if not all, of the couples have said at different times that they know in there heart that this is a group of people that they would call if something was wrong, knowing they would lend a hand in any way that they could.

    After finishing the kickoff curriculum, we dove into a different book and although it has been some pretty dense material, it has been great to see how people respond to the sometimes strong opinions presented to us.

    Week after week, it amazed all of us how our small group time became more and more sacred in our schedules. Suddenly the busy newlywed group with hardly any time to clean the house had become a solid weekly bible study that was taken very seriously. As we started devoting more time to God, we found that our conversations were better, our friendships became stronger and we started to open up more and more.

    I would encourage anyone who feels like God has put joining a small group on their heart to do so. It may be one night of getting to know a new group and it may be slightly uncomfortable but hey isn’t anything worthwhile worth a little bit of work? I’d say so! 

    My small group started out as “church friends” and somewhere along the way we became friends who all happen to go to the same church, striving each day to become closer to Him.

    By Diana Oates, a member of a couples group

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