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It’s time for you to Sister Up

02.06.18 | Women's Ministry | by Amy Berry

It’s time for you to Sister Up

    Life is not easy. Especially when you throw in three kids, a husband, a dog that needs to be walked constantly, a house you have to maintain, and the list goes on and on.

    Do you ever find yourself feeling inadequate? Overwhelmed? Anxious? Not good enough? Or maybe, just plain scared? 

    I know I do. Unfortunately, it is just part of being in this broken world. 

    Life is not easy. Especially when you throw in three kids, a husband, a dog that needs to be walked constantly, a house you have to maintain, and the list goes on and on.

    How do you cope during those times? The truth is, we need friends. No, we need sisters! 

    A little story about me: one day, my friend Alexis invited me to a bible study at our church. I thought, "No way, no how!” I didn’t want those people to know my demons. What if they realized that I didn’t know the Bible? Or that I cussed? Or drank? I didn’t want to join because it was too close to home. I felt inadequate like I wasn’t good enough, and I felt like if my friends really saw me they would not like me.

    When I did end up going to a Bible Study, what I learned was that we’re all the same! We all have stuff. Icky stuff. Sad Stuff. Good stuff. And when you surround yourself with women who are just trying to be better, you will find they love you right where you are! 

    They love you, they love your family, and they love your stuff.

    We need sisters like that. We need sisters we can cry with, laugh with, or just sit and say nothing with. We need friends, friends who are like sisters.

    I am so blessed to have really good girlfriends. The kind of friends who when they ask me, "how are you?" I can honestly answer no matter how dirty, messy, or just plain crazy the answer might be.

    We need people like that in our lives, people who love us right where we are, because sometimes, where we are is not so pretty. Sometimes, it is downright ugly. Other times, it’s downright selfish. And then there are the times we shine so bright we might burst (I love those times!). 

    We live in a broken world, where every magazine tells us lies about what "real" beauty is, what we need to have in order to feel ‘fulfilled.’

    We need sisters who will call these lies out for what they are and encourage us with the truth instead. We need the kind of friend that, no matter what you tell them, you know that you are safe and loved.  

    Believe me, my life is not always pretty. I fall prey to the world and to the lies it tells me daily. And when I forget who I am, I have wonderful friends who remind me that I am beautiful and that I am loved.  

    Do you have those kinds of friends? 

    If you don't, may I suggest you join a church, o a bible study? I promise you will be amazed at what happens and the friends you will make. I promise they will love you right where you are. 

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