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HPUMC and CitySquare Announce Bold Partnership

04.29.15 | Outreach

HPUMC and CitySquare Announce Bold Partnership

    “Nobody fights poverty more effectively than Larry James. To bring his level of leadership and match it with our resources, we think we will forge an unbelievable team. Together, we are absolutely going to make a difference in the city of Dallas,” -- Rev. Rasmussen.

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    The Center will open new options for individuals and families to receive the comprehensive services and opportunities they need to achieve progress and begin to work their way beyond poverty into viability and self-sufficiency as more productive citizens.

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    HPUMC and CitySquare are excited to announce a bold partnership aiming to raise awareness within our church family, mobilize our wide-ranging resources, and initiate effective action to help overcome poverty in our city.

    CitySquare’s CEO, Reverend Larry James, shares HPUMC’s vision for combatting poverty and providing hope to those who are struggling. By bringing in Rev. James’ unique leadership and matching it with our historical commitment to serving, we think we will forge an unbelievable team. Together, we are absolutely going to make a difference in the city of Dallas.

    CitySquare has been one of our local outreach partners since 2001. From its beginning in 1988 as Central Dallas Food Pantry, CitySquare has grown into one of the largest, most effective social service organizations in Texas, serving more than 50,000 neighbors each year through 14 different initiatives.

    As this new partnership begins, Reverend James will be appointed to the clergy staff at HPUMC. His objective is to educate and inform HPUMC and Munger Place about the issue of poverty so that we can best use our talents and resources to make a difference in the lives of those in need. Though he will be one of our appointed clergy, Rev. James will retain his title and position as CEO of CitySquare.

    As Reverend James shared recently, “It is clear to me that the church can play a significant role in reversing the negative patterns of pervasive poverty we have seen spread and deepen in many of our neighborhoods over the last decade. The church’s renewed commitment to lend its resources, both social and economic, to join in the fight against poverty excites me. What a tribute to its heritage. What a grand way to celebrate its centennial year as a church.”

    We can’t wait to share more with you in the coming months. We hope you will join me in welcoming Reverend James as we begin this dynamic new partnership.

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    For more information on HPUMC and CitySquare, contact HPUMC Outreach.

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