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How to use the Mark Bible Reading Plan

08.29.19 | Bible Reading

How to use the Mark Bible Reading Plan

    Not sure how to get started? Want to make the most of this Bible study? Check out the tips below on how to best use this reading plan. 

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    We believe that God can use the Bible to transform ordinary people into deeply devoted followers of Jesus.

    The Gospel of Mark is the first written account we have of the life of Jesus of Nazareth, undoubtedly the most influential person to have ever lived. He is still known, admired, and even worshiped by billions of people in every nation around the world 2,000 years after his death.

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    Starting September 9, Highland Park United Methodist Church is reading through the Gospel of Mark. So, now’s the perfect time to create the habit of diving into the Bible every day. 

    Not sure how to get started? Want to make the most of this Bible study? Check out the tips below on how to best use this reading plan. 

    Make it a priority

    You can take part in the reading plan in a few different ways. Follow along online, in your physical booklet, or in your Bible. Don’t forget to sign up for the weekly emails and keep up with our Mark sermon series. 

    Be consistent 

    Passages are dated and designed to be read each weekday, typically taking less than five minutes. Falling behind? Don’t worry! On the weekends, you can catch up.

    Forget what you already know 

    Read what’s actually in the text, approaching it with humility and with as few preconceptions as possible. An open mind can help you discover something new about Scripture that you’ve never considered.  

    Read slowly and carefully

    Each day’s reading is very short, so savor it. Reflect on its meaning and take what you learn into your daily life. Don't have a physical booklet with you? Use a digital Bible like Bible Gateway or YouVersion App, or the pdf bookmark with your personal Bible.

    Mark up the text

    Interact with the text to make it sink in even more. Look for connections, contradictions, or conundrums. What questions does it raise? Circle, underline, highlight, and make notes.

    Don’t be afraid of difficulty or mystery

    God’s Word is sometimes built around surprising paradoxes. An important part of reading the Bible is noticing unexpected twists in the text and deeply pondering their meaning. God is a God of surprises.

    Be prepared to be challenged

    When believers approach Bible study, they are encountering a living Word, not analyzing a dead fish. Students of God’s living Word need to be open to the fact that the Word challenges our cultural assumptions in surprising ways.

    Don’t read alone

    Talk it over with friends. Share your experience online. Attend a Bible study or small group. Make it a nightly tradition with your family. The Bible is for community and discussion, not just for individuals.

    We can’t wait to see and hear about the amazing ways God uses this study of Mark to impact your life and the lives of those around you. Happy reading! 

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