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Fun activities kids can do at home for week of March 23

03.23.20 | HPUMC Kids at Home | by Amanda Garman

Fun activities kids can do at home for week of March 23

    Instead of just surviving the days, we want to help you make the extra time you have at home meaningful and fun.

    We know that you're walking into a week that looks a lot different from what you had planned. Trips have been canceled, kids are home from school, many parents are working remotely, and stay-at-home parents are having to adjust to a full house all week long.

    Our normal routines have been interrupted.

    As you hunker down at home, HPUMC Kids wants to help equip you with activities that you can do with your kids each day. Instead of just surviving the days, we want to help you make the extra time you have at home meaningful and fun.

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    Each day we're going to provide you with a few activities that you can do with your kids. These activities will help you engage with the Sunday Bible story all week long, connect with each other around the dinner table, and give you ways to reach out to our neighbors through prayer and service.

    Activities will be posted daily below, as well as on our Facebook Group. Join our group today so that you can follow along and be sure to share pictures and videos of you engaging with us all week long!

    One last thing- during this time don't forget to take care of yourself.

    As parents, we usually focus all our energy on what our kids need, but self-care is going to be important as we navigate this. You might feel anxious, get frustrated more easily, and lose your temper. That's ok and you are not alone. Be proactive about taking care of yourself — take a minute for a deep breath if you feel like you're about to lose it, take a "parent time out" in the closet, call or text a friend.

    We are here for you and will walk alongside you through it all!

    Week of March 29 Pre-K Lesson: Love One Another, John 13:34-35

    Week of March 29 Elementary Lesson

    Monday - Help us spread joy to older adults in our church

    HPUMC Kids has "adopted" 100 older adults in our church to send cards, letters, and drawings. We hope you'll join us in bringing joy and love to our older adult friends. Everyone loves getting mail, especially if it's made by our kiddos! Your family can "adopt" one adult, one adult per kid in your family, or as many as you'd like. You can write to them once, once a week, or as many times as you'd like!

    There are two ways to sign up:

    1) Comment on our post in the HPUMC Kids Facebook Group and let us know how many older adults you'd like to "adopt." We'll send you a Facebook message with info.

    2) Email Karey Lewis at   and she will send you info. Thank you for spreading light and love to our older adult neighbors.

    Tuesday: Music Time with Ms. Mallory

    Join us for Music TIme with Ms. Mallory! She'll sing several songs and read a story. We'll be doing a Facebook live at 10:00 am, but you can rewatch anytime.

    Wednesday: Weekly DIY Contest & Family Devo

    Last week you all made AMAZING forts, and this week we have another challenge for you. We want you to make an awesome rollercoaster car from boxes and anything else you have at your house! Once you have yours built, use your imagination and one of these YouTube videos to experience riding a Disney ride at home!

    To enter the contest, post a picture of you in your rollercoaster in our HPUMC Kids Facebook Group or email us a picture at  . Winner will be announced Friday afternoon!

    Family Devo — Join Ms. Cathy and Ms. Amanda tonight at 6:00 pm around your dinner table for a Family Devo.  

    Thursday: Parent Quarterly Resources 

    Throughout the year we bring great speakers on different parenting topics. Most recently, Dr. Steven Lytle spoke on anxiety and our Kids. If you didn't have a chance to listen to his talk, take time to listen here! We hope it'll offer some helpful advice, especially as your children experience anxiety with change in routines right now. 

    Friday: Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

    We hope you'll get out into your neighborhood sometime this weekend and experience God's wonderful creation! We'd love for you to share pictures from your adventure with us, too. Find the Scavenger Hunt List here

    Share your story!

    During this challenging time, what have you seen, heard, or been a part of? Something big? Something small? Something simple? Something extraordinary?

    No matter where you’ve noticed God at work — in your family, community, job, or elsewhere — we’d love to talk to you about it. 

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