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    When Is God OK with Divorce?

    09.25.17 | Support | by Rev. Dawn Anderson

    What should a faithful Christian do when a marriage is irretrievably broken – is divorce OK? Is it only OK if your spouse is divorcing you, but not OK if you are the one who wants to leave a bad marriage? Learn what the Bible says about divorce...

      Lane’s Story: Doing business in the University of Cancer

      08.07.17 | Support

      Before he heard the word, “cancer,” Lane was on top of the mountain. He had a successful career, thriving ministry, loving family, and an excess of friends. But in the matter of a few moments, he found himself falling 21,000 feet down, to the...

        God never wastes pain

        07.25.17 | Support

        Dawn has walked through a combination of storms few others have experienced. Not only did those storms transform her relationship with God, they also left her uniquely qualified to help others.

          Why can’t you just eat?

          05.30.17 | Support | by Betty Bowman

          “Just EAT something!” It sounds so easy, but to someone with an eating disorder, it’s impossible. One of our Congregational Care Ministers shares her personal struggle with this often-hidden disease and how to seek help for it.