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    When Is God OK with Divorce?

    09.25.17 | Support | by Rev. Dawn Anderson

    What should a faithful Christian do when a marriage is irretrievably broken – is divorce OK? Is it only OK if your spouse is divorcing you, but not OK if you are the one who wants to leave a bad marriage? Learn what the Bible says about divorce...

      Lane’s Story: Doing business in the University of Cancer

      08.07.17 | Support

      Before he heard the word, “cancer,” Lane was on top of the mountain. He had a successful career, thriving ministry, loving family, and an excess of friends. But in the matter of a few moments, he found himself falling 21,000 feet down, to the...

        God never wastes pain

        07.25.17 | Support

        Dawn has walked through a combination of storms few others have experienced. Not only did those storms transform her relationship with God, they also left her uniquely qualified to help others.