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    Meet With This Ring

    06.22.16 | Sunday Morning Classes

    This starter class is designed for engaged couples and newlyweds who want to invest time into building strong Christian unions. Discussion and practical application of issues will be encouraged by facilitators with years of marital experience...

      Meet Uplift

      08.24.15 | Sunday Morning Classes

      This community of single professionals seeks to grow in their relationship with Christ and others through discussions on the application of their faith to contemporary life issues. Uplife engages in regular social activities and community service...

        Meet Living Vine

        03.23.15 | Sunday Morning Classes

        This diverse class seeks to grow in their relationship with God and each other by becoming a faith-based community of caring, engaged believers.

          Meet Fellowship

          09.22.14 | Sunday Morning Classes

          The Fellowship Class aims to provide programs and activities that promote spiritual growth through Christian education, inspiration and fellowship. All class members have answered God's call and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, will...

            Meet Open Table

            07.10.14 | Sunday Morning Classes

            As the name, Open Table, suggests, all are welcome regardless of age, marital status, or church experience. We value diversity of life experiences and differing perspectives because we feel there is something to learn from each other. Our desire...

              Meet Grass Roots

              06.06.14 | Sunday Morning Classes

              This class offers guest and class member lectures and discussion-based lessons, and occasionally video-based lessons, on a variety of Bible, church, mission, and societal topics. The mission of Grass Roots is “to strengthen ourselves in Christ as...

                Meet The Knot

                05.28.14 | Sunday Morning Classes

                Programs and lessons focus on Biblical principles, growing in relationship with Christ and strengthening Christian marriage. This circle of friends supports one another, the church and the community. These servant leaders serve with their time...

                  Meet Wesleyan Fellowship

                  03.25.14 | Sunday Morning Classes

                  This class is dedicated to the spiritual growth and enlightenment of each member through the study of God's Holy Word and its application to daily life, and the strengthening of each member's faith through Christian fellowship, love, care...