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    Faith and Freedom

    06.30.15 | Stories | by Dr. John Fiedler

    In honor of the victory of the colonies that secured our independence, we annually celebrate The Fourth of July. Consequently, as Americans we celebrate an independence from political tyranny by a foreign power.

      To be a member? Or not to be a member?

      04.02.15 | Stories | by Jana Rentzel

      It wasn’t until after becoming a member in February that I began to see what a huge difference it was making in my life. Suddenly I was not just a visitor. I was an integral part of this church family and other churchgoers were part of my family.

        A Cowboy’s Resurrection Requiem

        03.06.15 | Stories | by Dr. John Fiedler

        As pastors, we exit an elevator and walk into a hospital hallway never quite sure of what awaits us within a given room. It's important that our demeanor be appropriate for the person we have come to care for.