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    Holly Scurry's Story

    10.25.16 | Serve

    This church, when we were here within the four walls, it became a literal sanctuary in my daily life. It was like a respite.

      Sharing a meal with our neighbors

      04.25.16 | Serve | by Cathy Hutton

      But as we served them, we felt like we were part of a community, all about to sit together at God’s table and enjoy a meal. Worshipping together before we ate took away any awkwardness we may have felt upon first arrival.

        Bobbie Baxter honored for her life of service

        04.07.16 | Serve

        UMW is pleased to present the 2016 Georgia Bates Award to Dr. Barbara “Bobbie” Baxter, a woman who exemplifies a spirit of mission that models the standard set by the award’s namesake during her lifetime of service in Dallas.