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    The cure for busyness

    09.12.17 | Parenting | by Jayson Bales

    When commitments, calendars, and to-do lists begin to overwhelm you, how do you get your life back in balance? These tips for staying focused on what’s important may help.

      How to survive an empty nest

      08.29.17 | Parenting | by Rev. Susan Robb

      Parents of teenagers often joke that God makes teenagers hard to live with just so you’re happy to see them leave for college! The truth is that having a child leave home is hard; hard for the child, and even harder for the parents. Here’s some...

        Three ways you can be a leader in your home

        07.21.16 | Parenting | by Andi Fancher

        We searched everywhere for answers, quick fixes, anything that would provide relief for our weariness. We talked to friends and trusted advisors. I read a silly amount of self-help books. Finally, when I reached the point where I couldn’t take it...