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    The days are long but the years will be short

    08.14.18 | Parenting | by Cathy Hutton

    They say the days are long but the years are short, and it is absolutely true. Before we know it, the infants we brought home from the hospital are taking their first steps, heading to kindergarten, middle school, high school, and then out of our...

      Re-framing Overwhelmed: See It -- Say It

      04.12.18 | Parenting | by Kay Wyma

      In the midst of hardship, unmet expectations, unfair and even unthinkable circumstances that can absolutely overwhelm – especially when our kids are involved – dare we look beyond to see more? I loved that my friend was fighting to do just that.

        Breaking the news about Santa

        12.12.17 | Parenting | by Cathy Hutton

        What do you say when your child comes to you and demands to know the truth about Santa? How do you help your child over this important childhood threshold without losing any of the magic and wonder of Christmas? What if you have younger kids who...