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    The cure for busyness

    09.12.17 | Inspirational | by Jayson Bales

    When commitments, calendars, and to-do lists begin to overwhelm you, how do you get your life back in balance? These tips for staying focused on what’s important may help.

      Identity Crisis: Why we need the church

      09.06.17 | Inspirational | by Jenny Kern

      “We are all just walking each other home.” This quote from Ram Dass speaks to a key role of the church: we support each other on our faith journeys. But what if you’ve had negative experiences of church or people who claim to be religious?...

        It’s okay to laugh

        08.08.17 | Inspirational | by Kassidy Birdsong

        When you’re in the middle of a losing streak, you expect it to last forever. When God sends such a lavish blessing in the midst of those difficult circumstances, it’s so ludicrously good and unexpected that laughter is a natural response.

          God never wastes pain

          07.25.17 | Inspirational

          Dawn has walked through a combination of storms few others have experienced. Not only did those storms transform her relationship with God, they also left her uniquely qualified to help others.