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    Breaking the news about Santa

    12.19.18 | Parenting | by Cathy Hutton

    What do you say when your child comes to you and demands to know the truth about Santa? How do you help your child over this important childhood threshold without losing any of the magic and wonder of Christmas? What if you have younger kids who...

      2018’s Most Clicked on Stories

      12.10.18 | 2018 Year In Review

      Stories are powerful. Stories can bring us together, inspire us, and help us experience the world around us. We are all writing a story. That’s why we want to share stories that highlight the amazing ways God is working through the people of HPUMC.

        The Ten Most Viewed Sermons of 2018

        12.10.18 | 2018 Year In Review

        That’s why we’re taking a look back at the most watched messages of 2018! Whether it’s a message about relationships or a deep dive into a Biblical story, we hope you’ll grab your journal, a cup of coffee and pick a sermon that speaks to you!  

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