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    Finding joy in the simple things

    08.28.18 | Haiti | by Fielding Pittman

    There are times in life where I think it is safe to say we can get bogged down by the materialist mindset that is commonplace living in America. Not to say that we should feel bad for where we were born, but we have to remember that it’s not our...

      One People, United in Music

      08.27.18 | Music | by Amy Wainscott

      Music touches the soul in ways words cannot. In this place, where we did not speak the same language, God spoke through our choir to that place, and in that moment, the Holy Spirit made us all one people in one language.

        Five things to know about Back to School Sunday

        08.14.18 | News

        This is a huge Sunday in our church. We have children moving up to the next grade level, new class curriculums starting, and new guests on campus. Will you help us make Sunday a truly hospitable day?

          So much more than just a choir

          07.23.18 | Youth | by Jayson Bales

          But the HPUMC Youth Choir is bigger than that, and their impact is greater. I finally understand that now thanks to the blessing of being able to travel with them as a sponsor on their mission trip this summer to Florida and Disney World.

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