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    Meet Fellowship

    09.22.14 | Sunday Morning Classes

    The Fellowship Class aims to provide programs and activities that promote spiritual growth through Christian education, inspiration and fellowship. All class members have answered God's call and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, will...

      Week 4: Generosity for light years

      09.22.14 | Gravity

      When we think about our giving, it’s important for us to do it, and it’s important for the things we give to. But it’s also important to consider the long-term impact of our giving. Will the impact of our giving actually outlast our giving?...

        Even to the 11th Hour...

        09.17.14 | by Rev. Phil Dieke

        Economics is not something we like to mix in with our faith... or with religion in general. It gets messy. Ideas such as justice, fairness, what is "right" get thrown around a lot. And, like many other issues, we as a people often...

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