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    Gravity Introduction

    09.26.14 | Gravity

    Every year, the church budget starts again at $0. Every year, I have the opportunity to assess my giving to the church and recommit.

      Week 1: The gravity of the situation


      There is a force that is all around us, that is necessary for our very existence, that affects everything we do, but that we don’t often think about and that we usually take for granted. That force is gravity.

        Week 2: It's all about balance

        09.24.14 | Gravity

        So, if, like mass and gravity, the more money and possessions we accumulate the harder it is to let them go, and we can easily fall into the trap of making our possessions our master and potentially turning into a cold dark mass floating around...

          Meet Fellowship

          09.22.14 | Sunday Morning Classes

          The Fellowship Class aims to provide programs and activities that promote spiritual growth through Christian education, inspiration and fellowship. All class members have answered God's call and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, will...

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