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    Day 3: Our Neighbors in Need

    12.02.14 | Advent | by Stephanie Berry

    There are those around us near and far who cannot say the same. Jesus gave us the two most important commandments to live by: we are to love God and love our neighbors (Mark 12:30-31). This includes our neighbors in need.

      Day 2: All We Really Need

      12.01.14 | Advent | by Blake Harkey

      But as we lay and talked together in the echoing house (sleep proving near impossible), we were blessed to arrive at the mutual realization that here, indeed, was all we really needed.

        Day 1: Sweet & Sour

        11.30.14 | Advent | by Brian Bacharach

        In a house with two working parents, it seems easy for the grownups to get caught up in the sours… too much work, too little sleep, or whatever the problem of the day might be.

          What Kids Know

          11.20.14 | HPUMC Family | by Susan Phillips

          When a child misunderstands something from our adult world, we chuckle. In general, we find their ignorance endearing and refreshing. Their innocence protects them from the influence of the adult world, at least for a little while.

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