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    Working Faith launching in September

    07.29.19 | MCLN

    Working Faith's end goal is to equip leaders, whether they’re leading one person or an entire company, to integrate their faith into their work, connecting their beliefs from Sunday to Monday.

      New ministries looking for volunteers

      07.16.19 | Support | by Kevin Crain

      Are you searching for a way to get involved at Highland Park United Methodist Church? We have two amazing ministries launching this fall that could use your help. Check them out and see if there’s an opportunity that’s right for you.

        Never Swim Alone

        06.11.19 | Inspirational | by Hannah Buchanan

        John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, believed in the buddy system so strongly that he urged those around him to form small groups, called band meetings, that met regularly to check in on the deep places of the soul.

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