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    Waiting for God to move

    10.17.16 | Outreach | by Erick Carlson

    I went to Costa Rica hoping to grow closer to God and I was certainly given that grace again. I left with an understanding that the only thing that matters is that I continue to seek him, one day at a time, in as many ways as I can.

      Four tools for a happy marriage

      10.17.16 | Marriage | by Rev. Joe Stabile

      These and other practices have been so important in that they have taught us commitment and intentionality and priorities. With deep love and respect for one another we have continued to grow ever more close to one another, and close to the God...

        Scars, God, and Grit

        10.17.16 | Inspirational | by Amy Lawson

        Before surgery, I worried about everything. Every. Little. Thing. People would tell me to “let it go,” but I had no idea how to accomplish that. In that hospital, depending on others for every need, for my survival, forced me to let go.

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