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    Finding your purpose

    06.14.17 | Inspirational | by Rev. Matt Tuggle

    Knowing where to look for your purpose is a good thing. You, like every other human being on the planet, is wired with a desire to have meaning, to have a purpose. Yet, we often don’t know where to find it.

      Silence, God's first language

      06.14.17 | Inspirational | by Rev. Joe Stabile

      In our world, silence is not something that comes easily. Between the constant notifications on our phone, hurried conversations, or blaring of the television, our day is often filled with noise. But what if you could quiet the noise and embrace...

        Why can’t you just eat?

        05.30.17 | Inspirational, Support | by Betty Bowman

        “Just EAT something!” It sounds so easy, but to someone with an eating disorder, it’s impossible. One of our Congregational Care Ministers shares her personal struggle with this often-hidden disease and how to seek help for it.

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