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During this challenging time, what have you seen, heard, or been a part of? Something big? Something small? Something simple? Something extraordinary?

No matter where you’ve noticed God at work — in your family, community, job, or elsewhere — we’d love to talk to you about it. 

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    The delight of reading Scripture daily

    11.12.19 | Bible Reading | by Leslie Watson

    In my Sunday morning class at church, we spent about three weeks going over the book of Mark. It was so lovely to sit with friends and listen to each other’s perspective of that week’s Scripture. That is how we learn, creating a space for...

      How I teach my kids to be thankful

      11.11.19 | HPUMC Family | by Mary Tanner Wilson

      Hearing your child’s little voice say those two important words is like hearing the embodiment of gratitude. When our kids show gratitude to other people in public, we feel like we have mastered this parenting gig; bonus if it’s without being asked.

        Words have power

        11.11.19 | Parenting | by Rev. Elizabeth Moseley

        But sometimes I’m shocked by what comes out of my kids’ mouths. Words, phrases, whole sentences. Funny things, and weird things, and mean things, and scary things. Statements that express ideas that I’m not ready for them to be thinking. And I...

          Reach out for recovery: A mother’s plea to parents

          10.08.19 | Support

          One of my survival tools was attending Al-Anon meetings. It was there that I learned how much I was trying to control and play God. I needed to let go and completely put my trust in Him. I spent many Sundays at Cornerstone with tears streaming...

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