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Youth Resident

Working with Middle School Girls

If you are a college graduate who has felt a call to ministry, specifically but not limited to youth ministry, our 2-year Youth Residency program might be for you!

We believe one of the best ways to foster and train people who feel called to ministry is by giving them real life experience in how to work in a church, how to teach and lead youth, by being mentored by experienced youth staff, by fostering meaningful relationships with youth, and by providing support for the HPUMC Youth Staff.

The primary focus of this position will be ministry to middle school girls.

This is a full-time job with variable work hours.  Please plan on being flexible with your schedule, as this position will be working at mission trips, retreats, weekend and evening events, in addition to some regular office hours and interfacing with co-workers in other ministry areas.

Location:  Main Campus, Dallas, TX

Our Expectations:

Practice what we Proclaim

    Love God

  • Regularly and intentionally Practice the Means of Grace
  • Participate in Some Form of Small Group Community

    Love People

  • Intentionally Prioritize Your Relationships with Family and Close Friends
  • Develop Relationships with People Who are Marginalized

    Practice Self-Care

  • Take a Sabbath Day Every Week
  • Use Your Vacation Time
  • Be Intentional about Confronting the issues that inhibit your Spiritual Growth

Weekly Responsibilities

  • Be regular in worship and in times of prayer and devotion.
  • Weekly meetings with the Associate Youth Pastor of your area.  This will include evaluation of the previous week’s work with constructive criticism and a plan of action for the week(s) ahead.
  • Weekly meetings with the Director of the Residency Program.  This will include an ongoing debrief about your experience as well as accountability and guidance.
  • Participate in leading a LifeGroup for your assigned age group and gender (middle school girls, in this case).
  • Attend and help lead worship services, bible studies, service projects, and fellowship times for your age group.
  • Build relationships with your age group.  For example, attend school lunches, attend school events, meet with youth before or after school, etc.
  • Attend youth staff meetings and all church staff meetings.

Long-term Responsibilities

  • A monthly meeting with the Director of Youth Ministry.
  • Monthly meetings with various pastors on staff to glean insight and wisdom from their experiences.  You will meet yearly with the Sr. Pastor of HPUMC.
  • Complete required readings and writings which will consist of 5-10 books over a two year period and monthly written evaluations of what you are learning and experiencing.
  • Plan and execute at least 3 events/programs each year with at least one being a “larger”event.  These could be service projects, a youth outreach night, a retreat, etc.
  • Speak/teach to your assigned age group in a large group environment at least 10-12 times over the course of 2 years.

We Require a committed Christian who has recently graduated from college and feels called to church ministry and is comfortable working in a United Methodist Church environment, with the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree received within the last 2 years
  • Experience in youth ministry
  • Experience in leadership
  • Female strongly preferred, to best relate to middle school girls
  • Good computer skills:  email, internet, other applications
  • Demonstrates enthusiasm and positive attitude
  • Strong interpersonal, communication and organization skills
  • High degree of initiative and accountability
  • Willingness to learn and grow in knowledge
  • Understanding & appreciation of youth emotional and spiritual development
  • Good vision, hearing and physical abilities to move around as necessary to be with and supervise youth

We Provide competitive pay and full benefit package, as well as a fitness facility, free garage parking, generous holiday schedule, and a fun, collaborative and supportive work environment!

To Apply, please email the following to specifying Youth Resident in subject line:

  1. Your resume
  2. Religious/church affiliation
  3. Statement of faith and/or call to ministry
  4. Your salary requirement

No calls, please.